A week at Blues Passions 2014

Our video from Cognac, France with Hennessy has finally arrived and I couldn’t be anymore thrilled with the results! The first 5 seconds summarizes the band. Thank you to the film crew for doing such an amazing job and putting up with our crazy antics. Thank you again to Hennessy for showing us what the art of living really is. France, I will be back. Hope you guys enjoy the show! xoxo

Thank you Hennessy!

Back from a dream, thanks to Hennessy for giving us the opportunity. Thanks to the friends, family and fans who helped make it possible. A very surreal glimpse into a hopeful future. We loved every bit of our experience in Cognac, France at the Blues Passion Festival. We met great people, saw beautiful landscape, heard fabulous music, ate the most fulfilling food and drank the most classic cognac. I can certainly say I feel blessed and cannot wait to continue with Hennessy and follow up with my second album. This will be a great year, I can feel it. Love you!

Andria Simone xo

(CANCELLED) Opening for The Commodores at the Blue Mountain Jazz Festival

Regretfully Andria and Those Guys will not be able to open for The Commodores tonight. Their flight from France was delayed making it impossible to get back to Canada in time for the Blue Mountain Jazz Festival. We apologize to everyone who was hoping to catch the show, please stay tuned for news on upcoming performances.

Andria Simone and Those Guys are Going to France

SO IT’S OFFICIAL WE WON AND WE’RE GOING TO FRANCE!!!! Thank you to Hennessy and thank you to everyone that voted and supported us. You’ve helped turn this dream into a reality and a door is open to bring our music where it’s never been before. Thank you again we love you and we’ll make Canada proud xo.

Hennessy Talent Quest

Please VOTE and SHARE to help Andria and Those Guys win a trip to perform in France with Hennessy Talent Quest. This is a game-changing opportunity and you would make the band very happy if you cast your vote for them. If you can get 10 people to vote we will mail you an autographed album. Please note, once you vote you will get an email from Hennessy within 24 hours, you have to hit confirm for the vote to count. Thank you!